All members are expected to show dedication to the team. This means coming to all practices and matches. If you cannot make a practice or match (any excuse is valid -- homework, going out, death, etc), please contact one of the leaders (Fury or Koron) prior to the practice or match.

Idle in IRC -- #darkomen and #omen. Treat each other with respect. If you have a disagreement or problem with another member, take it up with one of the leaders and they shall remedy the situation. Infighting will not be tolerated. If we fight amongst ourselves we don't win and we don't have fun. Simple.

Obey instructions from team leaders immediately. Do not bitch, moan, or complain about a position a leader has given you. Take it with pride and play the best you can to win as a team.

Match Behavior
  DO wishes to create a friendly outlook in the tfc community. Any trash-talking, verbal abusing, or any similar behavior in a match or forum will result in immediate removal from DO...unless you're really good. Please retain a proper etiquette with other clans.

We discourage flaming other clans or players on the forums. We enjoy the typical "GL, GG" attitude from members.

No MM1 spamming during the match. Please allow only leaders to talk out, only use team talk. If you wish to tell something to the other clan, simply relay it thru Jacar or Fury. Of course, we don't mind if you simply chat with the other team during Prematch.

If any final orders and positions need to be given during the prematch, everyone must stop talking to the other clan and must stop TK'ing. Please give your full attention to the leaders. Do not test binds during prematch. Test them prior to the match. If no orders are needed during the 4-5 minute prematch, go ahead and TK.

STA matches start at 9:30pm EST on Mondays. TFL matches start at 9:30pm EST on Thursdays. Please arrive to IRC and our private channel 1 hour before match time. This allows us all to warm up our uber 1337 TFC skills and discuss any last strategizing. Plus, gives the leaders ample time to give out the lineup.


If you are interested in joining DO (hardly likely), then please idle in #darkomen and contact Fury. You can also stop by the forum and post a message.

Top two things we look for: Skill and attitude. We want both. Only have one? You probably won't get through the recruit status.

If you are offered a tryout, you will be tested on various maps to be selected at our discretion. Afterwards, the members who were present at the tryout will discuss back on IRC whether they think you are a match for DO. If you do get accepted, you can wear the [DOr] tag. Under recruitment status, you must show both dedication and a good attitude. If several members find you annoying or don't like your attitude, don't expect to be in DO much longer.

After showing your hardwork, dedication, and proving yourself in a match situation you will lose the 'r' in your tag and you may now join in all the fun with us big-boys.