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STA: 50-49-0
TFL: 58-40-0

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PFL: 22-25-0
CAL: 9-5-0
OGL: 29-11-0
TGL: 2-0-0

Total Record:
170-130-0  (56.67%)

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DO vs. CwO    

Round 1    

Round 2    
[DO] vs DIVISION on 08/25/2003
League Opponent Scores Maps Result Screen Shots
STA DIVISION 105 - 189
224 - 123
Win Round 1
Round 2
Round 1 we tried an engineer and a spy for most of the round..didn't really work. Spy could never get the scrum (finally switched about 20 mins in) and engy wasn't too successful at stopping scrums.

Instead we decide to all out push them back into their base, controlling the middle for nearly the entire match, with a few scrums put in there.

I was lagged out for probably a good 15 minutes intermittently because VT's network is screwed, yet we somehow still managed to get scrums.


- Koron
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