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DO vs. CwO    

Round 1    

Round 2    
[DO] vs DoH on 06/16/2003
League Opponent Scores Maps Result Screen Shots
STA DoH 70 - 10
170 - 30
Win Round 1
Round 2
Round 1:
We opt for a different strategy from last week, and this one turns out to work better for us. The offense seemed to have a real rush at the beginning, and then it was slowed down to a slower yet steady pace. They slip one out of water while lasers are down and get one to the battlements where we manage to hold it for the return.

Round 2:
We switch up the defense more than we're used to, changing 2 players on D, and moving one of the remaining two to a different spot. They seem to manage quite well, while DO's o pours on continuous pressure both to the front of the flag room and through the lasers (nice job of our demo getting them down quite a bit).

Outside, it was the cleanest I've seen for quite awhile (but then again, I don't play offense that much). Great game DoH!

- [DO]-Koron
Comment by Koron [06/17/2003 @ 03:29:11 AM PST]:
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Round 1
Round 2
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