Current Leagues:
STA: 50-49-0
TFL: 58-40-0

Past Leagues:
PFL: 22-25-0
CAL: 9-5-0
OGL: 29-11-0
TGL: 2-0-0

Total Record:
170-130-0  (56.67%)

Points For:

Points Against:

DO vs. CwO    

Round 1    

Round 2    
[DO] vs KAR on 03/31/2003
League Opponent Scores Maps Result Screen Shots
STA KAR 20 - 30
40 - 20
Win Round 1
Round 2
It's amazing what happens when the turtles come out to play.
Comment by InnerFury [03/31/2003 @ 10:39:15 PM PST]:
The turtle, though she lives to 112
has no story to tell
that is not how she is built
round and hard
she stores away her stones and ideas
under her tin hat,
she withdraws and bites hard on each
chewing toothlessly,
she has the largest vocabulary of the animal kingdom
the words tumble kaleidoscopically beneath her dome,

the turtle is a solitary creature
though she finds a mate roughly
and later lays 3 dozen eggs in a hole in the sand,
each a tiny turtle waiting to eat free
and scuttle uneaten to the waves,

if the turtle has a story to tell
it’s hard to say,
her memory is mosaic
what does she know of prose?
she emerges to her daylight
she sees a thousand hundred lit objects
each with a place and a name,
if she wishes to piece them together
she does not,

she crawls and swims for 112 years
her seashell events held together
like chinese lanterns on a wire
lit and flickering, (continued)
when she counts this is how she counts:
one and one and one and one
she has four legs, two eyes, one mouth
with which she takes in the world
one shell, one carapace
it is very big.
One gains by losing
and loses by gaining.

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