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STA: 50-49-0
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170-130-0  (56.67%)

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DO vs. CwO    

Round 1    

Round 2    
[DO] vs -ST on 03/13/2003
League Opponent Scores Maps Result Screen Shots
TFL -ST 40 - 20
50 - 0
Win Round 1
Round 2
Round 1:
I listen to some Avril to pump me up and then we go into the server..
Our HW's computer crashes right at the beginning, I think it was the starting demo while someone is on voice comms bug. They get one cap from that and get another some time in the round. Our D holds pretty well.

In between rounds: more Avril

Round 2:
A little more Avril, and then a rock solid defense on our side. Can't say how their D was, but we managed 5 caps this round.

gg ST

- Koron
Comment by Red [03/14/2003 @ 02:16:15 PM PST]:
this match was fun
I fucking raped everyone round1
One gains by losing
and loses by gaining.

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