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DO vs. CwO    

Round 1    

Round 2    
[DO] vs CwO on 02/27/2003
League Opponent Scores Maps Result Screen Shots
TFL CwO 75 - 53
48 - 7
Win Round 1
Round 2
CwO had me scared for the first part of round 1, but our D settled down.

Round 2 we move me from bottom spiral to bottom elevator where I DOMINATE and start off like 35-0 (with frequent trips to the respawn, naturally). They didn't get really any movement until 5 mins left in the match (their score was 0 up until this point) where suddenly they start getting some movement. Not sure what they changed..a shame they didn't figure it out sooner. They had a cap going out water as time expired.

gg CwO!
- [DO]-Koron
Comment by Hoju [02/28/2003 @ 11:59:24 PM PST]:
gg cwo, was a good match
Comment by Zildjian [03/01/2003 @ 10:22:50 AM PST]:
One gains by losing
and loses by gaining.

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